Monday, 21 April 2014

Warm welcome to the new currents visor in the press!

After the recent launch of the real-time currents visor and the inclusion of a link in the Campus do Mar web page, the press covered this new.
Here you have the links.

Faro de Vigo:
El Campus do Mar informa sobre las corrientes marinas

Atlántico Diario:
El Campus do Mar muestra en tiempo real las corrientes de la Ría de Vigo

La Voz de Galicia:
Las corrientes de la ría se ven en tiempo real en la web del Campus do Mar

Diario de Pontevedra:
El Campus do Mar ofrece en tiempo real las corrientes de la ría de Vigo (Eureka!)

Europa Press:
La web del Campus do Mar ofrece información en tiempo real sobre las corrientes marinas en la ría de Vigo

GCiencia: O Campus do Mar ofrece as correntes da ría de Vigo en tempo real

New service available: currents in the Ría de Vigo

Additionally to the meteorological and oceanographic information provided to the moment in, from now is available the surface current map of the Ría de Vigo through this link:

This system, implemented by Physical Oceanography Group of the University of Vigo (GOFUVI) in collaboration with Qualitas Remos, and installed in the Estación de Ciencias Mariñas de Toralla (ECIMAT) and in a lighthouse of the Autoridad Portuaria de Vigo (APV), provide a map with the average surface current values every 30 minutes and with an spatial resolution of 190 m, being available both the last data acquired as this from the last 15 days.

By clicking on the map, you will obtain the numerical value of the current speed and direction in each area (keep in mind that the time showed is UTC, so you will have to sum one hour in winter and two in summer to obtain local time).

We hope you find this useful.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

News keep coming! This time a bit more technical than usual. We have just included two new probes packed with many sensors. Most of them are for scientific use (dissolved oxygen, chlorophyl , pH, salinity, etc) but the data are publicly available anyway in the science section at

There are two new measurements that could be of interest for scuba divers:
  • A new temperature probe located at 1.5m depth.
  • A turbidity sensor that will help in having an idea of the underwater visibility.
We are using a visibility scale according to other places and will appreciate any feedback about the visibility conditions that you may find in the are together with the date and time. This way we can build a better scale for the site.

Both measurements are available in the "professional/sports" section at and in the science section. In the general page we will keep the temperature measured at 0.5m because is the one that affects to beach users.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Added link to the Vao Webcam

By popular request, we have added an icon to that leads directly to the Vao Webcam. Thank you very much to everyone for your suggestions, advice and for writing in general. Your messages are really motivating.

Friday, 9 August 2013

News, television and radio

Since we started we have received great support from the local and regional media. This is a compilation of our appearances

Noelia Otero interviews us on September 2, 2013 in "Vigo Hoy por Hoy" at Radio Vigo-Cadena Ser about the service acceptance and future plans.

Interview in "Vigo Hoy por Hoy" August 7, 2013

Noelia Otero interviews us on August 7, 2013 in "Vigo Hoy por Hoy" at Radio Vigo-Cadena Ser and asks about

Tacho Jiménez, Jesús Núñez and Begoña Fontenla interview us about Torallamar for "A Revista" in Television de Galicia on August 6, 2013.

Faro de Vigo August 3, 2013

Headline: A University website reports the status of beaches near Toralla

Antía Diaz interviews us in "Galicia Despierta" (Radio Voz) about the Toralla oceanographic observatory station.

Headline: Toralla starts its own oceanographic observatory.

Atlántico Diario July 18, 2013

Headline: Toralla starts an Oceanographic and Meteorological Observatory

Added wind direction in degrees

We received this morning in our suggestion box a request to add wind direction in degrees for those who practice nautical sports.

Well, wish granted. Now, in the sports/professional section of the web and when you consult the wind in knots in the mobile version also have that information.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Torallamar has a blog now!

Welcome to the blog!

Here we will collect the most important news about the Oceanographic Observatory Toralla Island, installed and maintained by the Marine Science Station of the University of Vigo (ECIMAT)